Freddie Mangano

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2018 Hollywood International Motion Picture Film Festival Awards

Unorganized Crime just won The 2018 Hollywood International Motion Picture Film Festival Award Best Crime Drama and The Award for Best Short Film Crime Drama. Also recognized were Best Director: Nick Vallelonga and Best Actor: Chazz Palminteri. Freddie plays Tommy Marino.


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About Freddie

Freddie has just completed his role as Tommy Marino in the Pilot Unorganized Crime with Kenny D’Aquila and Chazz Palminteri of A Bronx Tale Fame. You can also see him in the upcoming HBO series The Deuce, starring James Franco. With other TV and film credits such as Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, The In Crowd, Mafioso, The Father, The Son, Freddie is one confident and positive actor. 

Freddie’s motto is: “The hardest work you’ll ever do in this life, is the work you do on yourself.”

Love of God, family, and the world will tell you that this guy is not just some actor who loves his craft. He loves everyone he meets!